Tuesday, January 3, 2017

8 reasons why guys love it when girls are on top of them! READ THIS!

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We all know for a fact that there are tons of positions that you can do when making love with your partner,but below are the reasons why men enjoy it when women are on top of them:

1. Grinding! 
- Girls love this position too! If you're fond of grinding then you'd probably want to be on top of him too!

2. Game changer
- Being on top of him means you're the driver. You'll be the one to do everything that you want! 

3. Lift you up and down
- Making love with your partner could also serve as a workt out. Your man could hold you up and down the way you want to.

4. Pin him down
- There are some men who wanted to be dominated. This is your chance to be a captain! 

5. Different angles
- Penetration could be felt in a lot of different ways! This is just a WIN WIN situation for the both of you! 

6. Grabbing you will be easy! 
- If he loves grabbing your butt then this would probably be his favorite position! 

7. Better view of your mountains! 
- When women lie down, their mountains thend to lay low, giving their partner the best angle! 

8. He can relax
- He no longer have to worry about working because women could do it for them! 

8 reasons why guys love it when girls are on top of them! READ THIS!
Source: TNPPHR