Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Adele Experienced A Sound System Failure During Her Concert But What Her Fans Was Totally Unexpected! Watch This!

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Sometimes things go wrong during a live music concert: a spotlight goes out, one LED light is out of sync, a drummer drops his stick, etc. 

During her concert at the Birmingham NEC Genting Arena, Grammy-award winning singer Adele experienced an awkward scenario for any artist – sound system failure.

The audible technical difficulties happened during Adele's performance of the song "All I Ask." In the video uploaded to the cdparky1 Youtube channel, Adele is seen rising from underneath the stage. Then she begins to sing as she normally does. 

At the 2:40 mark, the singer's beautiful voice is suddenly cut short. We can see the amazing singer belt her lungs out, but can't hear her due to the faulty microphone. It's clear the audience can't hear her as well.

Surely it would have been an embarrassing moment for Adele if the audience hadn't decided to help their idol. 4 seconds after the audio was cut, the fans in attendance amazingly began to sing along with her.

At 3:35 the microphone begins to work again and the crowd cheers Adele's performance on. 

Watch the creative solution to Adele’s problem here!  

Some singers aren't so lucky however.

A similar incident happened during this holiday season. 

During Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve television special, famous pop star Mariah Carey experienced similar technical difficulties while performing her song "Emotion". Let's just say Mariah handled the awkward situation a bit differently.

Click this link below to read about how Mariah handled her technical issue! 
Source: TNP , YouTube