Monday, January 2, 2017

KULAM: Man Bewitched His Ex-Girlfriend Because Of Jealousy!

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They say, love is the most wonderful thing in the world. But just as it is wonderful, it can also be painful especially when the issue of cheating is involved. This is the supposed reason why a man allegedly 'bewitched' ('kinulam') his ex-girlfriend.

In a video, a woman was screaming in pain while 'ka-Benjo', a faith-healer or an 'albularyo,' examined her. Ka-Benjo kept asking her name, pertaining to the witch who cast the spell on her. He uses various amulets or 'agimat' in torturing the witch who is believed to have been summoned inside the woman's body. He also kept asking her about the reason for her grudge

In the end, the woman mentioned a guy's name, who was identified to be the woman's ex-boyfriend.

According to Ka-Benjo, 'kulam' and 'barang' cannot be treated in the Hospital and the torture will continue indefinitely if not driven away by his method. He also added that he had been given authority to drive away such spells with the use of his amulets.

Some netizens are not quite convinced with the story while others were completely sold.


Source: TNP, Youtube