Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mistress is Publicly Humiliated By Husband's Wife! Watch Here!

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Warning: The following video contains graphic and disturbing images not appropriate for minors. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Netizens were shocked by a viral video featuring a Chinese woman and her friends assaulting and stripping her husband's supposed mistress

The video begins right as the incident occurs, showing a helpless girl being physically harassed and stripped in the middle of the road. 

Throughout the clip the wife and her companions take turns kicking, stomping and shouting at the alleged mistress. Some onlookers tried to stop the group and failed to do so.

Netizens were divided over the issue surrounding the two women.

Some praised the actions of the wife as being justified. 

Kim Thomas wrote: "I bet she won't steal someone's husband again?."

mayshin2008 wrote: "that will teach her a lesson next time she thinks about sleeping with somebody else's husband?"

Others were upset that the wife was allowed to harass the mistress - with no one coming to help her.

Shan Sharkyshark wrote: "Cheating is wrong but so is assault. The mistress might not have known she existed. Besides that, the man was the one who cheated here. I'm not saying she should beat the crap out of him either but she should at least direct her anger AT HIM. No one- absolutely no one- deserves to be publicly humiliated and beaten like this. It's barbaric.?"

mattdanielc wrote: "What a horrible society where it's acceptable for those 'women' to physically and sexually assault her and yet nobody is intervening.  So sad.?"

Watch the full video below: