Monday, January 2, 2017

This Guys Was Secretly Keeping His Secret Tail as a Lucky Charm! After 18 Years, He Needed an Operation for It!

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A guy from Western India whose identity is undisclosed, went to a Specialty Hospital in Nagpur, Maharashtra because of pains given to him by his tail. Yes, you read that right, his tail!

The doctors then found out that the 18-year-old guy was born with a tail that grew about 7 inches. This tail was the cause of aches in his lower back. For 18 years, he has been hiding his tail as a secret which he was told was a lucky charm by his parents.

Until one day, he couldn't take the 'extreme pain on his lower back, while sleeping and sitting," so he went to the hospital.

The neurosurgery department of Super Specialty Hospital, headed by Dr. Pramod Giri, did the operation to remove the tail. Dr. Giri even noted that "the boy was suffering from an extreme psychological issue because the tail was growing so he had to always adjust the tail in his clothes."

At first, it was thought that the tail might be connected to his backbone. But in the end, the operation was done successfully since the tail did not have any muscle or bones, and wasn't even connected to the spinal cord.

After days of operation, Dr. Giri said that the boy was very happy and can now comfortably sit and sleep without feeling any pain from his back.

Source: TNP, CentralReaders